My responsibilities at Hemnet included

Design Direction
Brand & Identity Development
Product Design 


Design System
UI Component Library
Web, App & UI Design
Various Print

Hemnet is Sweden's largest property portal and one of its most popular brands. 

It is the top-of-mind destination for real estate buyers, sellers, agents and contractors, where millions of self-confessed "Hemnet junkies" browse the site, apps and social media channels every day. 

Whether to find your dream home or just to get inspired by Swedish architecture, interior design and home styling, Hemnet is where it's at.


9 out of 10 property transactions
take place on Hemnet.

Hemnet has been in business since 1998. A digital-native brand with property listings and search as its core business, available in a mobile-first responsive website as well as native iOS and Android apps.


Brand Identity

Hemnet is and has been a green brand since its inception in 1998. Shorlty after celebrating 20 years in business, a complete rebrand was executed. 

The updated brand identity sports a vivid green-on-green expression in slightly muted shades where a signature Hemnet Pattern plays a prominent part. 

The pattern is unique to Hemnet and serves to establish an expression that is instantly recognizable. It appears in various crops and cutouts across all Hemnet products and communications.


Complementing the muted shades of green and the brand pattern, Hemnet's visual identity also includes a number of supporting elements such as illustrations and ideograms.


However, to avoid distractions in the property search the visual expression is deliberately minimal.

This means that when it comes to the core functionality, the shades of green are used conservatively.


On property pages, people come for the pictures first and everything else second. However, all relevant property data is always readily available.


I spent 3 years at Hemnet working closely with both internal teams and external partners on developing Hemnet's design direction and brand strategy, while also executing both brand and product design.

A few highlights:


Product & Services

The successful introduction of a number of new products and value-added services enabled users to gain more control over their property ads.

At the same time, the same products added to a significantly increased revenue per listing.


The Hemnet Design System

We created a comprehensive and scalable design system, founded on tried and tested design principles with components built from the ground up, complemented by extensive visual guidelines.

Successfully implemented across all Hemnet products including UI, Brand and Marketing Materials, it provides a solid foundation for whatever the future might bring.



Our work clarifying Hemnet as a brand transformed the brand experience from immature and incoherent to elaborate, cohesive and appropriate.

The result was a brand proudly and visibly inspired by its own heritage – Still green, friendly and helpful, but grown up, contemporary and positively future-oriented.


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