Design Review
of SVT Play

– A fairly unbiased perspective on the SVT Play browsing experience, from an Art Director's Point of View.


In order to limit the scope of the Design Review, I have defined a few user scenarios to provide me with direction and limitations.


Scenario: Film

"I want to watch a film, but I'm not sure what I'm in the mood for"


Scenario: News

"I want the latest news from Rapport"

Scenario 3: Series

"I want to start watching a new series and would like to be inspired by browsing everything SVT Play has to offer"

Scenario 4: Öppet arkiv

"So there's this huge collection of legacy content in Öppet Arkiv – I want an introductory overview"



Thoughts, observations & feature requests

! Expectation MGMT

These scenarios are very much performed at the face value of the product, i.e. "first impressions".

This means I deliberatly react instinctively to what I see and notice, without taking much else into account.

In other words, I try my best to behave as a "normal user".

Alrighty then, Let's go!