Sebastian Leinehed is a Stockholm based Designer and Art Director that specialices in web and interactive design.

- A Hyper Island graduate with 7 years of professional experience shaping digital products in Sweden and the United States.

- Currently employed by the 
Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Försäkringskassan.

A Creative that fits somewhere between UI and UX

"Good design is as little design as possible"

I have worked with a variety of clients, ranging from local artists to global corporations, in Sweden and the United States.

With my T-shaped skill set I interact seamlessly with developers, and can work with a service from start to a finished product.

As a designer, I enjoy moving between big picture creativity and hands-on design. Vivamus luctus urna sed urna ultricies ac tempor dui sagittis. In condimentum facilisis porta. Sed nec.

Since early 2014 I am employed by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Försäkringskassan. I've since been responsible for the design of the Försäkringskassan website, launched in late 2015.

Awards and Recognitions
2016 Swedish Website of the Year Awards –
Best government website

2015 Swedish Website of the Year Awards – Overall winner
2015 Swedish Website of the Year Awards – Best government website

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Concept Development, Illustration, Typography, Visual Identities, Digital & Web Design, Books & Publications

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I approach every new project with a burning desire to create something great.

I design from an experienced perspective on web design with a constant will to further explore the visual arts and digital media. To me, design is a journey of constant development and self-discovery. Through my experience, I am able to create and direct meaningful design concepts that powerfully develop awareness, spark interest, and have longevity. "On to the Next One"!

Since graduating Hyper Island in 2010, I've been moving between the roles of Designer and Art Director to Interaction Design and User Experience. As a former Hyper Island student, I'm am well versed in group dynamics and am able to properly use feedback as a tool to work better together, and be more happy as a team.